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Thermostat, Cut-Off


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The 279816 thermostat kit is used with element number 279838. It has a 325 deg F Fuse and a high limit thermostat that cuts out at 250 deg F.

WARNING! Electrical Shock Hazard -- To avoid risk of electrical shock, personal injury or death; disconnect electrical power before servicing.

Tools needed: 1/4” Nut Driver, Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Crimping Tool Note: To be used on 27” and 29” electric dryers ONLY.

1. Disconnect the power to the dryer, remove the dryer vent to move dryer away from wall.

2. Remove the nine screws holding the dryer back panel in place.

3. Remove the terminal wires connected to the upper thermostat, inspect wires to insure that they are clean. Remove the 1/4” screw securing thermostat to housing, notice the little tab holding it in place.

4. Insert the new thermostat by placing tab into hole of the housing and reinstall the screw. Reconnect the terminal wires to the new thermostat.

5. To replace the lower thermostat, first remove the two wire terminals, lift the thermostat off the heater and pivot it out.

6. If your thermostat has an external wire attached, you need to make some modifications to the replacement thermostat.

7. Mount the new lower thermostat into place using the two screws included.

8. Install the large terminal wire to one end of the thermostat.

9. This kit comes with a jumper wire with a large terminal on one end that connects to the element and a small 1/4” terminal. If the old thermostat had a small wire attached to it, you need to cut the small 1/4” terminal on the jumper wire off and crimp on the male/female terminal in its place.

10. Take the small wire on the dryer, cut off the end and crimp on the 1/4” spade terminal.

11. Install the large end of the jumper wire onto the element terminal. Install the new crimped end of the jumper wire onto the thermostat and the new crimped end of the dryer wire onto the male terminal of jumper wire.

12. Put the back panel back into place and secure with mounting screws.

13. Attach dryer vent and move dryer back into place. Reconnect the power.


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Fits Models:   7MWED1730JQ0 , 7MWED2040JM0 , 7MWED2140JB0 ,

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