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SKU: WHPWPW10281342

This letter is for module & motor assy. WPW10281342, which only contains component W10281342. This part is no longer available due to a change in production. When stock is depleted on part WPW10281342 the customer will need to order using one of the service kits below according to the model number.

For SERVICE KIT W10884390

596.72002011 596.72002013 596.72002015 596.72003012 596.72003014 596.72003016 596.72009011 596.72009013 596.72009015 596.72012012 596.72012014 596.72012016 596.72013012 596.72013013 596.72013014 596.72013015 596.72013017 596.72019012 596.72019014 596.72019016 596.79222011 596.79222012 596.79222013 596.79222014 596.79223011 596.79223012 596.79223013 596.79223014 596.79223015 596.79229011 596.79229012 596.79229013 596.79229014 596.79322011 596.79322013 596.79322015 596.79323012 596.79323014 596.79323016 596.79329011 596.79329013 596.79329015 596.79522013 596.79522014 596.79522015 596.79523014 596.79523015 596.79529013 596.79529014 596.79529015 596.79532014 596.79532016 596.79532018 596.79533015 596.79533017 596.79533019 596.79539014 596.79539016 596.79539018 AFD2535DEB10 AFD2535DEB11 AFD2535DEB9 AFD2535DEW10 AFD2535DEW11 AFD2535DEW9 AFD2535FES11 B22FT80SNS01 B22FT80SNS02 EB9SHKXVQ04 EB9SHKXVQ05 EB9SHKXVQ07 EF36BNNFSS11 EF36BNNFSS13 EF36BNNFSS9 GB2FHDXWB03 GB2FHDXWB04 GB2FHDXWB06 GB2FHDXWB07 GB2FHDXWQ03 GB2FHDXWQ04 GB2FHDXWQ06 GB2FHDXWQ07 GB2FHDXWQ08 GB2FHDXWS05 GB2FHDXWS06 GB2FHDXWS08 GB2FHDXWS09 GB9FHDXWB03 GB9FHDXWB04 GB9FHDXWB06 GB9FHDXWB07 GB9FHDXWQ03 GB9FHDXWQ04 GB9FHDXWQ06 GB9FHDXWQ07 GB9FHDXWS05 GB9FHDXWS06 GB9FHDXWS08 GB9FHDXWS09 GX2FHDXVB05 GX2FHDXVB06 GX2FHDXVB07 GX2FHDXVB08 GX2FHDXVQ04 GX2FHDXVQ05 GX2FHDXVQ06 GX2FHDXVQ07 GX2FHDXVY010 GX2FHDXVY07 GX2FHDXVY08 GX2FHDXVY09 GX5FHDXVB06 GX5FHDXVB07 GX5FHDXVB08 GX5FHDXVQ05 GX5FHDXVQ06 GX5FHDXVQ07 GX5FHDXVY010 GX5FHDXVY08 GX5FHDXVY09 GX5FHTXVB06 GX5FHTXVB07 GX5FHTXVB08 GX5FHTXVQ05 GX5FHTXVQ06 GX5FHTXVQ07 GX5FHTXVY010 GX5FHTXVY08 GX5FHTXVY09 IF36BNNFSF6 IF36BNNFSF8 IX3HHEXDSM00 IX5HHEXWS08 IX5HHEXWS09 IX5HHEXWS10 IX6HHEXDSM0 IX7HHEXDSM00 JFC2089BEM00 JFC2089BEM01 JFC2089BEP00 FC2089BEP01 JFC2089WEM11 JFC2089WEM7 JFC2089WEM9 JFC2089WEP11 JFC2089WEP7 JFC2089WEP9 JFC2089WTB5 JFC2089WTB7 JFC2089WTB9 JFC2290VEM6 JFC2290VEM7 JFC2290VEM8 JFC2290VEP6 JFC2290VEP7 JFC2290VEP8 JFC2290VPF3 JFC2290VPF4 JFC2290VPF5 JFC2290VPR2 JFC2290VPR3 JFC2290VPR4 JFC2290VPY3 JFC2290VPY4 JFC2290VPY5 JFC2290VTB3 JFC2290VTB4 KBFS20ECBL00 KBFS20ECMS00 KBFS20ECWH00 KBFS20EVBL6 KBFS20EVBL8 KBFS20EVMS11 KBFS20EVMS13 KBFS20EVMS9 KBFS20EVWH6 KBFS20EVWH8 KBFS22ECBL00 KBFS22ECMS00 KBFS22ECWH00 KBFS22EWBL3 KBFS22EWBL5 KBFS22EWBL7 KBFS22EWMS5 KBFS22EWMS7 KBFS22EWMS9 KBFS22EWWH3 KBFS22EWWH5 KBFS22EWWH7 KBFS25ECBL00 KBFS25ECMS00 KBFS25ECWH00 KBFS25EWBL5 KBFS25EWBL7 KBFS25EWBL9 KBFS25EWMS10 KBFS25EWMS6 KBFS25EWMS8 KBFS25EWWH5 KBFS25EWWH7 KBFS25EWWH9 KBRS20EVBL4 KBRS20EVMS6 KFCO22EVBL3 KFCO22EVBL4 KFCO22EVBL5 KFCP22EXMP3 KFCP22EXMP4 KFCP22EXMP5 KFCS22EVBL3 KFCS22EVBL4 KFCS22EVBL5 KFCS22EVMS6 KFCS22EVMS7 KFCS22EVWH3 KFCS22EVWH4 KFCS22EVWH5 KRFC300EBL00 KRFC300EBL01 KRFC300ESS00 KRFC300ESS01 KRFC300EWH00 KRFC300EWH01 KRFF302EBL00 KRFF302EBL01 KRFF302ESS00 KRFF302ESS01 KRFF302EWH00 KRFF302EWH01 MBF1953DEE00 MBF1953DEH00 MBF1953DEM00 MBF1953YEB2 MBF1953YEB4 MBF1953YEW2 MBF1953YEW4 MBF1958DEE00 MBF1958DEH00 MBF1958DEM00 MBF1958XEB2 MBF1958XEB3 MBF1958XEB5 MBF1958XEB6 MBF1958XEQ2 MBF1958XES2 MBF1958XES3 MBF1958XES5 MBF1958XES6 MBF1958XEW2 MBF1958XEW3 MBF1958XEW5 MBF1958XEW6 MBF2258DEE00 MBF2258DEH00 MBF2258DEM00 MBF2258XEB3 MBF2258XEB5 MBF2258XEB6 MBF2258XEW3 MBF2258XEW5 MBF2258XEW6 MBL2258XES3 MBL2258XES5 MBL2258XES6 MBR1953YES2 MBR1953YES4 MBR2258XES3 MBR2258XES5 MBR2258XES6 MFC2061KES14 MFC2062DEM00 MFC2062DEM01 MFD2562VEB9 MFD2562VEM11 MFD2562VEM9 MFD2562VEW6 MFD2562VEW8 MFF2258DEE00 MFF2258DEE01 MFF2258DEH00 MFF2258DEH01 MFF2258DEM00 MFF2258DEM01 MFF2258VEB5 MFF2258VEB6 MFF2258VEB7 MFF2258VEB8 MFF2258VEM7 MFF2258VEM8 MFF2258VEM9 MFF2258VEW4 MFF2258VEW5 MFF2258VEW6 MFF2258VEW7 MFF2558DEE00 MFF2558DEH00 MFF2558DEM00 MFF2558VEB6 MFF2558VEB7 MFF2558VEB8 MFF2558VEM9 MFF2558VEW5 MFF2558VEW7 RDDFF236SS00 RDDFF236SS02 RDDFF236SS03 RF36NDFSS000 VCFF236SS000 VCFF236SS002 VCFF236SS003 WRB322DMBB00 WRB322DMBM00 WRB322DMBW00 WRF532SMBB00 WRF532SMBB01 WRF532SMBM00 WRF532SMBM01 WRF532SMBW00 WRF532SMBW01 WRF535SMBB00 WRF535SMBM00 WRF535SMBW00 WRF535SWBB00 WRF535SWBM00 WRF535SWBW00 WRF540CWBB00 WRF540CWBB01 WRF540CWBM00 WRF540CWBM01 WRF540CWBW00 WRF540CWBW01 596.79422410 596.79423410 596.79422411 596.49423411

For Service KIT W10886931

B22CT80SNP01 B22CT80SNS01 JFC2290REM00 JFC2290REP00 JFC2290REY00 JFC2290RTB00 KRFC302EBL00 KRFC302EBS00 KRFC302ESS00 KRFC302EWH00 RVTF3360SS00 WRF767SDEM01 WRV986FDEM01

For Service Kit W10916040



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