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490P3 Speed Queen Thermostat and Fuse Kit


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511412&410701 OR USE R9900489
This kit contains 1- 511412 and 1- 510701. This kit will replace Whirlpool part numbers 40113801(511412) and W10116735 (510701). 490P3 225° high limit thermostat kit that includes thermal fuse. It also has the wires, screws and instructions.

490P3 Kit Contents:
1 - 511412 thermal fuse
1- 410701 limit thermostat
1- 510527 black thermostat jumper wire
1- 510528 orange fuse jumper wire
4- 23222 screws
1- 7-90-43R3 instructions

Replacement instructions for all US electric dryers and Canadian models that use this particular kit.

**Note, these instructions should only be attempted by qualified technicians or similarly experienced individuals.
Power should be disconnected from the dryer before any repairs. Neither Speed Queen nor A-1 Appliance Parts is responsible for any damage or injury as a result of any repair attempt using the following instructions.**

1. Disconnect dryer from electrical power.
2. Remove dryer front panel.
3. Disconnect wires from thermal fuse
4. Remove thermal fuse by removing two mounting screws. You can discard these screws.
5. Replace the old thermal fuse with the new fuse using two new mounting screws
6. Disconnect wires from the limit thermostat
7. Remove old limit thermostat by removing two mounting screws. You can discard these screws
8. Replace limit thermostat using two new mounting screws
9. Reconnect wires just as they were before the repair. (The orange wire from the dryer goes to one side of the thermal fuse and the orange jumper wire goes from it to the thermostat. The black jumper wire goes from the thermostat to the dryer element.)
10. Replace dryer front panel and reconnect electrical power to the dryer

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