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Restring Kit for Whirlpool 279838 Dryer Element


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SKU: HHC279838C

This is the dryer element restring kit (element wire only) for Whirlpool dryer element # 279838.

Heater coil repair kit installation & safety instructions (from Napco).
1. Turn off all electrical power to the unit. Unit may have more than one circuit.
2. Disconnect all electrical connections to the unit.
3. Remove heater for ease of assembly and disconnect defective coil at heater plate and remove.
4. Check unit for damaged insulators and replace if necessary.
5. Verify correct voltage and wattage on unit and repair kit.
6. Handle new element with clean, dry and oil-free hands.
7. Stretch replacement coil (2-5 times max) to proper length, taking care not to damage resistance wire. Stretch by hand from the terminal ends of the element coil.
8. Feed element wire through ceramic insulators; insure equalized tension and fasten bolt to plate. Replacement elements must pass through all insulators in the same pattern as original. Coil must not have sags or irregular variations between insulators. IMPORTANT: Inspect coil assembly for a minimum of 3/8" spacing between coil and any frame or unit member. Make sure all ceramic supports, fuses or thermostats are in their original positions.
9. After element has been properly assembled, check wiring diagram for the unit to insure proper electrical connection before restoring electrical power.
10. Throw a party to celebrate your repair!

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