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279769 Whirlpool Dryer High Limit Thermostat & Fuse Kit


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SKU: SUP279769

Whirlpool / KitchenAid / Kenmore dryer replacement high limit thermostat and fuse kit. The fuse with this kit is 352°F. This fuse is NOT sold separately. You MUST replace both the thermostat and fuse with this kit. To test your fuse, use a meter to check for continuity across the terminals. If there is none, it is bad. Once it blows, it does not reset.

If your old fuse is still good then you may only need to replace the thermostat which can be purchased separately. The thermostat part number is 3390291 and it is an L250-8F (122°C) thermostat. There is an aftermarket version of it available from us also: SUPL250.

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