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For an air conditioning system, the motor is the wind beneath its wings! And everything crashes without this key component. If you are attempting to match up a motor here, be sure to check for the motor's diameter, the way it mounts, the voltage, the RPM, and the horsepower. If you are good on all those specifications, we'll get it to you faster than Bette Midler can produce a standing ovation! Call or come by with your old air conditioner motor and we'll match it up with a replacement.

>   3.3" Diameter Motors     (13 products)
>   5.6" Diameter Motors     (35 products)
>   5" Diameter Motors     (10 products)
>   Double Shaft Motors     (3 products)
>   Draft Inducer     (36 products)
>   X13 ECM MOTORS     (9 products)

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